About Us

My creativity is rooted in my family. As a little girl growing up in West Africa, I was always surrounded by creative people. My mother is a clothing designer/maker, and her great grandfather, grandfather, and father were Gold and Silver Smiths.

On my 8th birthday, I received my first pair of 24 carat gold earrings handcrafted by my grandfather (the tradition is that every granddaughter receives the same pair of earrings when they turn 8 years old). I was mesmerized by the delicate work and the hours of hard work and sweat he put into converting a raw block of gold into a beautiful piece of art. From there on, all I wanted to do was make jewelry. My parents bought me my first jewelry making set when I turned 9 years old and I pretty much broke and redesigned any piece of broken jewelry or scrap metal I could lay my hands on.